Thursday, December 12, 2013

Questions for Chapters 4 through 6.

Chapter 4.
  This chapter covered how, why and what you will need to flip lessons in your classroom. If you think about the options; using other teacher's videos, creating your own, working with another teacher to video lessons, or videoing your lessons as you teach this year to use next year, which strategy would best suit you? Explain why you would choose this option. Did you notice that reading was  not discussed?
Chapter 5
Mastery learning, really what you do in your classroom when you are meeting independent needs. The components of a flipped classroom are pretty much the components of any well taught lesson. What were the two components in this chapter that you felt were either new, or not used often enough? For example "Assure student access to videos," is new in my lesson planning format.

Chapter 6
This chapter was persuasive, very positive. Of the 15 reasons stated for "Flipped Mastery Model," which reason do you feel is most beneficial to students? Give reasons to support your choice.